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Irvins Black Pepper Salmon Fish Skin (105g)

RM 38.90


In need of a little more flavour? The Black Pepper Salmon Skin is a concoction of our crispy Salmon Skin mixed with a delightful blend of robust black pepper to bring you a Dangerously Addictive™ taste that will leave you wanting more.


💪  Good Protein
💟  Omega 3
🐟  Marine Collagen
⬇️  Low Carb
🥑  Keto Friendly
⬆️  Upcycled


  • Made in Singapore
  • Expiry Date: 10/2022
  • Pack Size: 105g
  • HALAL PENDING (halal logo not printed on packaging yet)


salmon skin, vegetable oil (palm oil and canola oil), salted duck egg yolk (egg yolk, salt), buttery spread (vegetable oil (palm and canola oil), salt, soy lecithin, vitamin a acetate, vitamin d3, alpha-tocopherol acetate, thiamin hydrochloride, riboflavin, niacinamide, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid, vitamin b12, antioxidant (e321, e320), coloring (e160a), artificial flavor), sesame oil, black pepper sauce (sugar, soy sauce (soybean, salt, wheat, plain caramel color, high fructose syrup), salt, oyster sauce (sugar, salt, oyster extract (oysters, salt), modified cornstarch, plain caramel color), tomato paste, yeast extract (yeast, salt), black pepper powder, dehydrated garlic, modified cornstarch, plain caramel color, soybean oil, citric acid, flavor enhance (e627, e631), seasoning powder (sugar, salt, corn clour, flavour enhance (e621, e627, e631), garlic, onion, spice, palm oil, citric acid, artificial flavor, hydrolyzed vegetable protein), fried garlic (garlic, palm oil). 

ALLERGEN: Contains fish (salmon skin), egg, milk, soy bean, wheat.egg, milk, soy, wheat.

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